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The principles we address in irrigation design are

understanding of the soil moisture and/or end use requirements

the water source quality and quantity available

the maximum flows required

the elevations and topography of the site

the distances

the maximum safe velocities in pipelines

the resultant loss of pressures due to accumulated friction

the practical and economic solutions


For all small and large commercial, industrial, landscapes, sports, residential, irrigation systems

Complete irrigation service from Design through supply of appropriate quality equipment and installation to maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Trenching and earthworks

We have purchased and /or built specialised machinery to assist us in successfully completing the projects.

Our low ground pressure, small but powerful tracked utility machine can handle many attachments which enables us to install irrigation in all seasons whether ground is wet or dry to ensure you will be ready for the irrigation season. Also drainage systems can be constructed in wet or dry conditions.


We build and install fertigation systems appropriate for crop requirements from single proportional units to fully automated batch systems to cater for large land areas.


Let us show you how you can free yourself from hours of hand watering. Install an automatic system for your lawn and gardens that will function trouble free year after year and will be an asset that adds value to you property.


We specify and supply all sizes from metering pumps to high volume and flow pumps to household and booster pumps


We supply and install all sizes of tanks for storage from one thousand litres to one million litres. We prepare the base, place the tanks and fit up the pipework as required